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Camden Watch Co.

The Camden Watch Company is an independent British brand designed in the heart of Camden.

It began as a showcase for their watch design studio. A way to flex their design muscles and show the clients just how passionate they are about the products they design.

All they needed was some start-up money and a whole lot of inspiration.

Along came Camden.

“One day,” they said to one another, “we’ll live here”.

And live there they do.

From Victorian horse hospitals turned into market stalls, to steam train turntables turned into gin warehouses, to bare-knuckle boxers and dead elephant circus owners, Camden’s past was as eclectic as its present. 

It began as a showcase, but it became into so much more.

From Camden with love.

The idea

To create thought-out, beautifully designed products infused with history and full of details for a great price. Using knowledge of end-to-end design, the marketplace and the supply chain, wthey are able to offer a quality product at exceptionally good value.

The Design

Each of The Camden Watch Company models is inspired by Camden itself. From the Victorian pocket watch inspired No. 29, taken from Camden’s strong railway heritage, to the turquoise-blue seconds hand of the No. 88, based on the iconic ‘Camden Lock’ bridge.

The watches, No. 24, No. 27, No. 29, No. 88 and No. 253, are named after bus routes that run through Camden Town, with the No. 24 being the oldest unchanged route in the whole of London.

The watches house the finest quality Japanese quartz movements, and every other element of the watch, from the strap, to the dial to the watch crown is designed, scribbled, sketched, reworked and refined in the company's Camden Town office.

Camden Watch Co.
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