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Copacetic Gent

They were the times when men strove for respect; possessing manners and honour was everything. ‘Twas the decade of the 20th century gent.

We at Copacetic believe that the 21st century gent still adheres to these values, however what has changed is that these days he demands more from his grooming regime.

“Copacetic” is an American slang word meaning that something is extremely satisfactory. It was popularised in the 1920’s by the African American dancer and entertainer Bill ‘Bo Jangles’ Robinson who was then the US’s highest paid black entertainer. His catchphrase, “everything’s copacetic,” reinforced Robinson’s sunny disposition.

The term copacetic epitomises the product within the packaging. The Copacetic gentleman’s range of products contains high-grade ingredients resulting in formulations that quite simply always do their job. We are confident that the years that it has taken to craft these products, together with the rigorous testing taken place within the award winning Savills barbershop has produced a range of products that offer exceptional effectiveness, sublime usability with affordable pricing. The added bonus is that each product sure looks “swell”.

The artistic styling of the packaging is rooted in the Art Deco period.

No Mess. No Stress. It’s All Copacetic.

Copacetic Gent
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