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Hunt & Hustle

Bringing together years of experience, research and refinement Hunt and Hustles exclusive range of premium scissors are the only choice for the discerning modern barber. Providing you with the tools to be at the top of your game and stand out from the crowd, whether you are starting out or are a craftsman with years of experience.

 The stylish and ergonomically designed scissors feel great in your hand and beg to be touched but do not be misled by their beauty. This is not style over substance. This is style and substance.

Blends of the finest Japanese steel combined with careful development and precision construction ensures each element provides the durability and outstanding performance that sets Hunt and Hustle scissors apart.

 Each blade has been hand honed to create a razor sharp edge ensuring exceptional precision and accuracy for all cutting techniques. The ergonomic design reduces the effects of RSI and Carpal Syndrome.

Hunt & Hustle
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